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OpenEDG JS Institute

JS Institute

Established in 2021, the JS Institute is a project venture run and managed by OpenEDG, whose aim is to support the education and industry sectors, and help them fulfill their JavaScript needs, as well as support the development of the JavaScript language and its global community.

Within the IT industry, there is currently a severe lack of specialized IT professionals. To bridge the gap between jobseekers and job providers, we talk to employers to find out their needs, and then we incorporate them into our courses and certified exams.

We perform Job Task Analyses and Market Studies in order to learn the skills they need, and we seek out apprenticeship opportunities for our JavaScript Essentials graduates. We provide certified training for companies and organizations, and assess the skills of their employees, using the global framework we have created for developing and assessing the core JavaScript skills.

We work closely with the education sector to ensure that both private and public educational organizations are able to fulfil their needs and commitments with regard to the JavaScript language. Here are some of the ways we do that:

  • Assist individuals in sourcing scholarships in order to pursue their educational goals;
  • Provide teaching tools for educational institutions;
  • Help create and adapt curriculums and frameworks for course design and delivery;
  • Develop methodologies for teaching JavaScript;
  • Develop certification exams;
  • Elevate the quality of programming education in general;
  • Teach more specialized JavaScript skills.
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In addition to collaborating with the IT and education sectors, we aim to support and foster the development of the JavaScript language and its vibrant communities. We want to offer a platform from which we can promote the implementation and development of the JavaScript language and open-source projects, especially those that address the needs and crises that exist in the world today. We want to support marginalized communities and assist them in community-led projects centered on the implementation of the JavaScript language.

Through all of these initiatives, we want to address the needs of the digital society. We believe that JavaScript is an essential aspect of our digital world, not only for developing websites and applications. As more and more people plug into the metaverse, JavaScript will become a cornerstone of all of our activities. Our goal is to help them take control over their digital lives and their digital selves.