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JSE Certification – FAQs

Is the JSE-40-0x exam administered in proctored or non-proctored format?

The entry-level certification exam (JSE-40-0x) is administered worldwide both in proctored and *non-proctored formats. The non-proctored exam mode is the default global exam format offered to test candidates through the OpenEDG Testing Service, an online exam delivery service owned, run, and managed by the Open Education and Development Group.

The proctored mode, which is a non-default exam delivery format, is available to schools, colleges, and universities, as well as certain organizations and institutions participating in the OpenEDG Education Partner Program. Due to the unique specificities of test delivery requirements that particular educational entities and organizations are obliged to follow, OpenEDG JS Institute offers customized proctored exam instances and tailor-made exam delivery solutions that are in compliance with the policies and regulations adopted or adhered to by these entities.

If you are an individual looking to take a JSE-40-0x exam, you will most likely choose the non-proctored option for the exam. If you are about to take the exam as part of your school’s or company’s group testing initiative, please ask your local exam coordinator for more information about the format of your exam.

*By non-proctored we mean that there is no real-time exam supervision or invigilation performed by a human. However, the OpenEDG Testing Service, which is the default exam delivery engine for the JS Institute entry-level exams, employs a number of in-session auto-proctoring, monitoring, and analytical tools that are used to ensure the security, integrity, and confidentiality of the exam. The AI monitors the exam session, checks for any non-standard events, and marks those session logs that indicate signs of deviation. These exam sessions are then manually reviewed by the Exam Review Team, who decides upon the final status of the exam.

Is the JSE-40-0x exam available online or offline?

The JSE-40-0x exam is an online exam available through the OpenEDG Testing Service, an online exam delivery platform managed by the Open Education and Development Group.

How do I take the standard format JSE-40-0x exam?

When you are ready to take the exam, make sure that your testing environment is quiet, well-lighted, and free from any noise or distraction. The standard, non-proctored exam does not have to be scheduled in advance, as it is available through the OpenEDG Testing Service in the Test-Now™ format, as part of your OpenEDG web account functionality. To take the exam:

First, you need an exam voucher that will let you launch the exam session. If you don’t have a voucher yet, you can purchase one in the OpenEDG Voucher Store (look for the JSE exam).

Second, you should familiarize yourself with the JSE Testing Policies, to make sure you meet the minimum technical requirements, understand the exam procedure, and follow the code of conduct.

Finally, you must sign in to your OpenEDG web account, click the Certify tab, and enter your voucher code. Then click Launch, complete the admission process, and begin your session. If you don’t have an OpenEDG web account yet, you will need to create one.

What happens when I pass or fail the exam?

If you pass the exam – congratulations! We are happy to welcome you to the JS Institute certified community! Belonging to the community does not only show that you have obtained a recognized benchmark of skills and competencies that can be aligned to industry standards, but it also gives you access to some of the features and benefits reserved for members only, such as a Credly certification badge, which you can share with your network to show your achievements; special offers for continued education tools and resources, as well as access to events and limited offers selected by OpenEDG and its Education Partners.

If you fail the exam, you’ll receive a score report with your final result and the results across the different exam sections. (Remember that exam items and sections may have different weights, so the final score is not necessarily the sum of section scores divided by the number of sections.) You can retake the exam after 7 days – this is the required waiting period for the entry-level exam; if you purchased a voucher with the retake option, you can use the same code for your next attempt; if you purchased a single-shot voucher, then you need to acquire a new voucher for your retake.

You cannot retake a passed exam.