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Education Partner Program

OpenEDG Education Partner Program

The OpenEDG Education Partner Program is an educational membership program offered to schools, colleges, universities, educational establishments, and non-profit and training organizations, whose aim is to promote joint educational collaboration between OpenEDG and the program members, add value to their training resources, and provide them with a platform for the delivery of OpenEDG solutions to their students and test candidates.

Membership of the OpenEDG Education Program is offered to schools, colleges, universities, educational establishments, and non-profit and training organizations. All these institutions are welcome to utilize Edube Interactive LMS and JS curriculum to create their own training courses upon acceptance of their application.

OpenEDG Education Partner Program

  • access to OpenEDG marketing resources
  • access to OpenEDG official courseware and didactic tools, including the Edube Interactive LMS
  • use of the OpenEDG, JS Institute, and Education Partner logos
  • discounts on OpenEDG JS Institute exams, practice tests, and learning products
  • option to set up a free OpenEDG Testing Center with access to test delivery and proctor tools
  • free OpenEDG Certified Instructor and OpenEDG Certified Proctor exam vouchers
  • track your students' learning progress and test results
  • certificate of partnership (after an initial exam purchase order)
  • listing in the OpenEDG directory of Education Partners (after an initial exam purchase order)
  • website listing (after an initial exam purchase order)

How to apply

Schools and organizations interested in becoming an OpenEDG Education Partner are invited to send their program-related queries to and submit an application form.

OpenEDG JS Institute also welcomes all educational entities interested in receiving assistance in planning, developing, implementing and delivering an effective JS programming curriculum or in transferring credit for JS programming classes for those students who hold certifications issued by the JS Institute.

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Possible areas of collaboration

OpenEDG is happy to collaborate with Education Partners in any area suggested by Education Partners, including:

  • licensing and sharing of study resources, didactic aids, educational materials, and learning management system technology owned by OpenEDG;
  • promoting, adopting, adapting, and utilizing training curriculums, assessment solutions, and certification programs owned by OpenEDG;
  • providing tools, technology, and best practices for delivering OpenEDG solutions and professional assessment examinations owned by OpenEDG;
  • supporting professional careers in IT, programming and related technologies by OpenEDG;
  • providing development paths, frameworks, and opportunities for individuals who wish to pursue careers in IT, programming, and other industries utilizing programming skills;
  • building, developing, and supporting networks and communities of aspiring programmers, IT specialists, and organizations that understand the importance of and support initiatives that promote the idea of building a modern, educated and digital society;
  • ensuring good positioning of products, services, programs, curriculums, and other educational and assessment solutions developed by OpenEDG and its partners;
  • striving for quality development, assessment excellence, and the popularization of programming and related technologies;
  • developing joint publishing, education, and skills assessment projects;
  • promoting collaboration in fields of mutual interest;
  • developing joint teaching, research, educational, and cultural activity.